The immigration crackdown has begun, and some ICE agents, possibly emboldened or directed by the new Trump regime, conducted a rare raid in San Francisco Thursday, descending upon the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center in the Mission. As the Examiner reports, agents say they were seeking an individual for arrest and possible deportation, but they may have had the wrong address and no arrest was made. They were apparently looking for a person who lives in the center's housing complex next door.

As the Ex notes, the Good Samaritan complex includes a preschool, along with a health clinic and adult classrooms where English is taught, among other things, and immigration agents are not supposed to conduct raids at "sensitive locations" like schools, according to a 2011 Department of Homeland Security memorandum, except under exceptional circumstances. The only people at the center at the time of the raid, at 9 a.m., were thirty toddlers and their teachers at the preschool, and 20 Latino families who were just arriving for an ESL class.

In this case, five agents arrived with batons, and neighbors reported on Facebook that they heard a helicopter hovering as well. It remains unclear whom they were seeking, or if they proceeded to attempt an arrest elsewhere.

President Trump on Wednesday, as part of his executive order vowing punishments for Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, promised to publish a weekly lists of crimes allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants in these cities. It is unclear whether local ICE agents already had some directive to detain one such alleged criminal. (Under the wording of the executive order, as CNN points out, undocumented people could be deported simply for being charged with a crime, even if they have not been convicted.)

The Ex spoke to former Mission District Supervisor David Campos who said he could only recall a "couple of cases" in which ICE went looking someone in the neighborhood for deportation, and no raids that occurred under his tenure as supervisor.

"My initial reaction was, ‘Is this a change in policy?’" Campos told the paper. "Trump just declared war on immigrants. This is very unusual."

San Francisco already has provisions for the detention of undocumented criminals, and for turning them over to ICE for deportation if they have a serious felony conviction like murder or rape on their record within the past five years, or if they had a violent or serious felony conviction in the past seven years or three or more lesser felonies arising from different events in the past five years.

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