You've heard a lot about marches and peaceful protests happening around the Bay Area this weekend, marking the inauguration of (hack, gag, here I go typing it for the first time) President Trump, but what about the happy parties of Trump's local supporters? There are in fact some of those, but they're being kept very hush hush for obvious reasons.

ABC 7 reports that some people in the South Bay, like Len Duncan, were having themselves an inauguration viewing party this morning, saying that they're "looking forward to total change and what we want to see in government." Duncan was keeping the location under wraps for fear of disruptions by people with functioning moral compasses.

In fact, if you Google "Bay Area inauguration parties" you aren't going to find any, only links to various protests. You will, however, find a January 16, 2009 link to the East Bay Times about inauguration parties that were happening all over on that morning. Sigh.

Santa Clara University's campus Republicans aren't keeping any secret of the celebratory barbecue they're hosting on Saturday. No word on whether they ordered themselves some Trump steaks to really drive the point home — oh wait, they can't, because that's another of his failed business ventures and omg make it stop I can't keep writing withering criticisms like this for the next four years.