Street muralist and Bob's Burgers illustrator Sirron Norris was commissioned to do a mural by a family who owns a home facing Dolores Park, at Dolores and 20th. As he tells Hoodline today, their goal was to add "more color to this world we live in now." The mural is spread across three garage doors, with one panel showing a colorful depiction of homes in the neighborhood, one depicting the Latino culture in the Mission via a lowrider and some cartoon characters, and a third showing a Buddha, a rabbi, a Black Lives Matter supporter, Frida Kahlo's ghost, and two of Norris's blue bears all riding a cable car.

He sees the colorful addition as something necessary for this less than colorful section of the Mission, and he tells Hoodline, "I hope these garage doors encourage homeowners to start sharing their space in whatever way they can. Adding beauty to the world can be a powerful thing."

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