You think you can't get busted for smoking or possessing marijuana in California anymore after Prop 64 passed in November? Well, think again. If you're on federal land - which includes all national park land but also could technically include the grounds of the 9th Circuit or the federal building downtown - you are still in violation of federal law if you're sparking up a joint, so beware. As Tribune News Service reports, citations and arrests will continue to occur in Yosemite National Park and elsewhere in the state, where park rangers have been instructed to pay no attention to the change in state law.

"Marijuana - recreational, medical or otherwise - remains prohibited on federal public lands and property, regardless of state laws,” says National Park Service spokesperson Andrew Munoz in a statement to Tribune News Service. "So there is no change: We will continue to enforce marijuana prohibition as before."


According to National Park Service data, there have been 465 marijuana citations and 123 pot-related arrests made in California parks in the last two years, with 175 citations and/or arrests occurring at San Francisco beaches in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Also, it should be noted that under Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, we can only expect marijuana enforcement to increase nationwide, as he has proven to be a staunch anti-pot guy, among his many flaws.

Enforcement varies from park to park, however, and a ranger at Joshua Tree National Park tells Tribune News Service, "We only cite for [pot] if there are other drugs involved. [But] We do confiscate without citing, including people with medical cards." And, he adds, most of the medical marijuana cards they see are fake anyway.

So, you got that? You may be in California still in any one of these parks (including Alcatraz!), but you may as well be in Trump country.

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