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Getting some of the worst of the storm-related flooding today and well into tomorrow is Guerneville and neighboring Sonoma County town Monte Rio. The area is more than familiar with floods, and most houses are built up on stilts because of it, and as floods go, this one appears to be more run-of-the-mill than disastrous for the area. Waters in the Russian River are expected to crest today at 2 p.m. at about 35 feet — which is three feet above flood stage, but down from the earlier crest prediction of 36 to 38 feet. As Russian River Fire Chief Max Ming tells CBS 5, this is kind of no biggie for local residents, who aren't yet evacuating in droves. "These folks are used to this," he says, "and if it were going to get into the 40s [as in feet], I think there’d be a lot more folks wanting to leave."

As the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat explains, this is one of several floods to occur in the area in the last decade, but none have been as bad as the New Year's Eve flood that happened in 2006, which peaked at 42 feet and caused some $300 million in damages.

Most other parts of the Bay Area have escaped all but "nuisance level" flooding, as we discussed earlier, but the areas around Guerneville including Fife Creek are going to see a couple feet of water where there usually isn't any. The video below from CBS 5 shows reporter Jackie Ward standing in knee-deep water in an area above the parking lot for Johnson's Beach.

More photos and video have been appearing on social media, including this one showing a portion of River Road just east of town in Guerneville, near Fife Creek Antiques.

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35.5 feet and still rising!

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Let the flooding begin.

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