Smartphones are seemingly a vital part of everyday life in tech-friendly San Francisco, and yet when it comes down to it the city's cell service coverage leaves something to be desired. So reports CBS 5, which picked up a report from network performance measurement company RootMetrics showing San Francisco ranks 58th among US cities for cellphone coverage.

Interestingly, San Francisco isn't alone when it comes to major metropolitan areas dropping the coverage ball. "In a mobile-dependent society, it might be an assumption or even an expectation that the biggest cities also feature the best mobile performance," the company explains. "Our testing has consistently shown this isn’t always the case. For instance, our previous report from the second half of 2015 revealed that only three of the ten most-populated US metro areas (Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas) finished in the top ten in overall network performance."

The company based its results on a test of six categories: "Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data Performance, Call Performance, and Text Performance." Coming in first on the list is Lansing, Michigan, followed by Indianapolis.

SF has good company halfway down the rankings, however, with New York City and the Tri-State Area coming in at 59th.

Los Angeles is ranked 99th.

Part of the problem in the Bay Area might be chalked up to people opposing the construction of cell towers, and sure enough CBS 5 spoke with a man working to do just that in Palo Alto. “It’s never really been proven safe,” Peter Sullivan, whose group Clear Light Ventures battled the city over cell-tower placement, told the channel. “Next to a library and a Little League field, if you’re trying to do harm that would be a great place to put it right? So they’re unintentionally putting it in these locations.”

Meanwhile, people around the city keep staring at their phones — waiting for that cute dog video to finally upload to Instagram.

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