The annual virus tradition of drunken holiday cheer known as SantaCon went down over the weekend, and while not everyone in the event's birthplace is a fan, that didn't stop plenty of costumed revelers from living it up out on the town. Saturday's downpour added a little wrinkle to the proceedings, but those already three sheets to the wind and dressed up in their best reindeer outfits clearly weren't dissuaded by a little inclement weather.

Attendees gathered at Union Square, where one plucky Santa told the Chronicle what makes this day so magical. "The fun part’s gonna come a little bit after this when we start getting inside of the pubs,” explained 39-year-old Michael Dobrowski with an umbrella over his head. “It’s great this many people showed up in the rain.”

Indeed, while the downpour may have dissuaded the casual role-players, the truly committed were still out in force. “You might get the people who aren’t really into it — they’ll go home,” participant Jonathan Hershaff told KRON4. "But the people who love it will stay out in the rain.”

This marching band of Santas clearly felt no compunction to stay dry.

And that sentiment was echoed elsewhere, as (presumed heavy) booze consumption fortified participants against the rain. “It’s a little bit wet, but it’ll be fine,” 35-year-old elf Marc Ulric told the Chron.

As per usual, North Beach, Union Square, Polk Street, and the Marina were the Santa hot spots. Thankfully, the soaking was well documented on social media.

As was some good old fashioned public drunkenness.

At least a few reindeer managed to stay dry, albeit possibly by not leaving the house.

However naughty this year's attendees may have been, any vomit was likely washed away by the rain — a true Christmas miracle. And anyway, after 2014 when a costumed Santa robbed a bank mid SantaCon, things seemed pretty tame by comparison.

Until next year, drunken Santas — but feel free just to let this tradition die! — and to all a good night.

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