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The holidays are here, meaning your arsenal of emergency gifts needs to be handy. You know, for unplanned visitors, like your Aunt Martha and that coworker that you didn’t actually expect to give you a gift (“Thanks! Who are you again?”).

Not that you should browse this list just to prepare for those awkward situations. These are all items worth snagging to present as thoughtful gifts to friends...or yourself, because you’d actually want these babies too. Check them out below:

1. Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Who doesn’t love a great cup of cold brew? The Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker not only makes the perfect mug, it’s portable too. Perfect for those days when you might be rushing to the office, or if you need an easy pick-me-up on the trails. Just add coffee, a filter, and water — and two hours later, you’ll be happily caffeinated.

Buy now: Get the Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker for $28.95, marked down from the usual $39.95.

2. MasterPan3 Skillet


For the avid chefs (or just the people who hate doing dishes), the MasterPan3 Skillet is a total dream. It’s divided into three sections, so you can cook multiple items at once on the same burner. That means you can prepare your entire meal in one go, and only have one pan to clean afterwards. Beats pizza or takeout anyday.

Buy now: Get the MasterPan3 Skillet for only $34.99 — it’s an HSN favorite, and will soon be yours too.

3. Mini Flip Cup Set


Bring the party to the party with this portable Mini Flip Cup Set. Relive your college glory days without (as much) of the mess with controlled flippers, which will let you go easy on that trigger finger. Line up eight mini cups for a 4x4 game, and watch things start to get interesting.

Buy now: Get the Mini Flip Cup Set for $49.99, marked down from the regular $59.99.

4. iFlask: World's First "Smart" Flask


Phone or flask? No one will the wiser with the iFlask. This discreet receptacle is made to look just like an iPhone, and is sure to be a winner with whoever you’re gifting it to. Sneaky enough for any occasion — boring holiday party included — it holds up to five ounces of liquid, and includes three disposable funnels to reduce spillage.

Buy now: Get the iFlask for just $15.99 — that’s nearly half off the retail price.

5. Twisty Glass Blunt


Give someone the gift of never needing rolling papers again: the Twisty Glass Blunt is perfect for someone that loves a way to chill out without the hassle. Re-usable and easily cleaned, you just need to light it up once to enjoy up to 1.5 grams of herb.

Buy now: Get the Twisty Glass Blunt for only $44.99, marked down from the $49.99 MSRP.

6. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


For that friend that loves to sing in the shower (and the neighbor who hates it), there’s this waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker. It’ll stream playlists and songs straight from your smartphone, and attach to your shower walls via suction cups. Built-in controls mean you can manage your playlist right from the need to jump out soaking wet.

Buy now: Get the Bluetooth Shower Speaker for 85% off — just $9.99.

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