San Francisco, as you may have noticed from your own unfortunate experience or merely the trail of shattered glass on our sidewalks, is a godforsaken town where petty thieves and criminals will stop at nothing until every single goddamn car window is smashed in.

Some blame Prop 47 for the uptick in car break-ins while others simply curse the gods, but one car owner has done their level best to dissuade would-be window smashers with the perfect, the greatest, the very best note of all time in a variation on the "nothing of value in car" message.

This image comes to us via Reddit, naturally, and was taken in SoMa, somewhere on Bryant Street. As one Redditor writes pessimistically, "Someone is probably going to break it anyway, eat the cookie, poop on the seat, and wipe their ass with the sign." An all too likely outcome.

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