Longtime Union Square tourist trap Kuleto's (221 Powell Street), which opened along with the Villa Florence Hotel in 1986 and was one of the first restaurants in prolific designer and restaurateur Pat Kuleto's local empire, is closing its doors after New Year's, as Tablehopper reports. The restaurant and its adjacent Bar Norcini had been serving up Italian food, including house-made pastas and salumi, under chef Bob Helstrom for 28 years up until Helstrom's departure last year, and Tablehopper notes that they make some great eggnog at holiday time, which you've got a couple weeks left to try.

And whatever restaurant decides to take over the space will get more than just plenty of foot traffic past its doors. As noted on a plaque by the front door, a time capsule was installed by the front entrance in 1986, marking the last appearance of Halley's Comet, and it is meant to be opened when the comet returns to view in 2061.

Kuleto is well known for having designed and/or opened some of the most popular restaurants in the city, including the former Fog City Diner (remodeled two years ago as Fog City), Boulevard, Farallon, Jardinière, Epic Roasthouse (now Epic Steak), and Waterbar. He still may own a share of Farallon, but he's been selling off other properties in recent years, including Nick's Cove and Cottages up by Point Reyes, and a 602-acre vineyard property in Napa, which sold for less than half of its original list price in October 2015.

The reasons for closing Kuleto's aren't yet known, but likely stem from the loss of Helstrom in August 2015. And Chronicle critic Michael Bauer hasn't seen fit to return to the restaurant, it seems, since giving it one star in 2007.

And this is the third of several recent announcements of high-profile closures of longtime local restaurants, including Range and Cafe Rouge, announced this week.