Brace for this early December chill to get a fair bit chillier, albeit temporarily, as a cold front moves into the Bay Area Wednesday morning and drops things into freezing territory pretty much everywhere, including San Francisco.

Via the National Weather Service the Chronicle reports that Wednesday morning temperatures will be in the 30s, even perhaps the low 30s in SF proper and parts of the East and South Bay, and the upper 20s in Marin County. Things will warm up a bit by afternoon, maybe into the low 50s in SF, but then rains may move in and contribute to wintry misery by later in the day.

Temperatures are expected to again be frigid (by Bay Area standards) Thursday morning, dipping into the 30s again in various locations.

Weather Underground is a bit less extreme in their predictions for SF, putting the Wednesday a.m. low at 44 degrees, but it certainly may feel cooler. And they show rain likely throughout the day Thursday, beginning around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. They also show a mostly overcast and potentially wet weekend coming up, for what it's worth.

This is a fairly typical pattern for this time of year. Let's just hope we avoid any Arctic rivers or Rainpocalypses, k?