A man walking on a busy stretch of Market Street was randomly attacked Thursday night, police say, by a man wielding a golf club.

Police say that the 24-year-old male victim was walking "with his boyfriend" on the 2100 block of Market Street, when is between Church and Sanchez Streets, at 8:35 Thursday evening.

Suddenly, according to the San Francisco Police Department, a man in his early 20s flicked a cigarette at him "for no apparent reason." The two then engaged in "a physical altercation," police say. During the fight, the cigarette flicker hit his flick-ee "numerous times to the head and body with a golf club," according to the SFPD.

When the victim fell to the ground, his attacker fell with him, police say, and bit his prey "in the inner left thigh."

Following the bite, the suspect fled west on Market Street, police say.

The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the assault, police say, and refused medical attention. The suspect remains at large as of Friday afternoon, and police confirm that no arrests have been made in this case.