Twitter may have adjusted its hearing and could even be listening to the longstanding demands of its users. After releasing new muting tools today intended to curb online abuse, the company has reportedly banned several previously verified users who identify as Alt-Right and pro-Trump. Those banned include high profile white nationalist Richard Spencer, as well as the account of his think tank the National Policy Institute (@npiamerica), and his online magazine @radixjournal, all presumably for abuse or violations of Twitter's terms of service.

In a Youtube video titled The Knight Of Long Knives, which USA Today points out is a reference to the 1934 purge of Nazi leadership, Spencer says he and others were banned by the social media platform. Another banned account is @DatRickyVaughn, Ricky Vaughn, another Alt-Right personality whose Twitter presence was suspended just days ago.

"I am alive physically but digitally speaking there have been execution squads across the Alt- Right," Spencer said. "There is a great purge going on and they are purging people based on their views." Spencer also refers to the banning as "Dorsey-caust," a cool mashup of the last name of Twitter's CEO and an act of genocide.

"The fact that Richard Spencer, NPI, and Radix were all suspended at the same time shows it's a purely ideological ban," tweets the account Nordic Nation. "They wanted him gone."

In July, Twitter banned Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, another verified user and Alt-Right spokesperson. Addressing that similar ban, Spencer allows that "Milo was engaged in something that could be called harassment," but emphasizes that he personally didn't want Yiannopoulos banned.

Liberals, says Spencer, are "triggered" by Trump's election, pointing to the soul searching and policy changing Twitter, Facebook, and Google have undergone after being accused of disseminating misinformation that influenced Trump's election.

"The fact is, social media did help Trump," Spencer declares. "This is a clear sign that we have power.... we're changing the world." Spencer, whom the Washington Post unequivocally calls a white nationalist, has recently praised Donald Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon as chief White House strategist and senior counselor. That former Breitbart News chairman "will answer directly to Trump and focus on the big picture, and not get lost in the weeds," Spencer tweeted a few days ago. Without his Twitter account, what will Spencer do? Maybe there's more room in the White House!

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