Another ramen import from Japan, Hinodeya Ramen, is opening an American outpost here in San Francisco, and that is good news for ramen connoisseurs. As Hoodline tells us, the man behind the restaurant, and a whole restaurant group abroad, is chef Masao Kuribara, who previously cooked for heads of state like late Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto and the Clintons. And the particular style that will set Hinodeya apart from other ramen options around the Bay Area is that they will be serving dashi-style ramen, meaning the ramens will feature fish stocks (known as dashi), rather than the more common pork-based tonkotsu.

Kuribara explains to Hoodline, "In Japan, we have traditional-style dashi soups, but they are not typically used for ramen... Dashi has a particular kind of umami that we believe has a more powerful flavor."

Hinodeya Ramen is set to open on November 23 in the former Shalala Ramen space at 1737 Buchanan Street (between Post and Sutter), and they'll begin with just an abbreviated menu featuring their dashi ramen, beer, wine, and sake. Later they'll be expanding the menu with appetizers and more.

And Hinodeya follows in the footsteps of Mensho Tokyo, which debuted earlier this year in the Tenderloin to immediate crowds, having come directly from Japan. Recently, Chronicle critic Anna Roth said of Mensho that is sets "a new gold standard for San Francisco," and "You should absolutely wait in the line and eat this ramen."

Pescatarians now may also have a ramen worth standing in line for. We shall see.