A Latina woman working as a nanny in SF's Marina district was physically and verbally attacked Monday in a hate crime at Fort Mason’s Great Meadow. As CBS 5 reports, the incident happened while the woman was looking after two small children, and a man dressed all in black with his face covered allegedly approached her, grabbed her by the hair and neck, and said "No Latinos Here." A good Samaritan who witnessed the attack summoned police, and the man suspected in the incident was detained by U.S. Park Police.

The victim was left with scratches on her arms, but was otherwise uninjured.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area spokesperson Nathan Sargent confirmed the attack and said, "This is a welcoming place. We want the national parks to be a place where people can come together and feel welcome."

District Supervisor Mark Farrell issued a statement about the incident early Tuesday saying, "Hate, discrimination, and violence are not welcome and will never be tolerated in San Francisco. San Francisco is known across the world as a place that accepts people for who they are regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or sexual identity.”

Farrell added, "With hate crimes unfortunately on the rise across the country, we must recommit as a city and country to fight against hate, discrimination, and violence anywhere it may rear its ugly head. Hate and discrimination fester and grow when we do not address and challenge it."

Farrell said that the suspect was now in the custody of San Francisco police, and "If it is indeed found to be a hate crime, I urge the full penalty for the individual who committed this disgusting act."

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