Inspired by a subway tunnel in New York that has become an outpouring of grief and messages of support in the wake of the Democalypse last week, walls at three SF BART stations became "Walls of Empathy" Monday, with Post-It notes being shared by sad but defiant San Franciscans. Walls are ready for your messages of hope and empathy at 24th and Mission, 16th and Mission, and Montgomery Street stations, and they already display phrases like, "Lick wounds. Make plan. Rise up."

New York artist Matthew Chavez, a.k.a. Levee, started his "Subway Therapy" wall last Wednesday, providing Post-Its for strangers to leave notes to each other and a message that simply said "Express Yourself" in a long underground tunnel that connects the Sixth and Seventh Avenue stations at 14th Street in Manhattan. According to ABC News, more than 1500 notes have gone up on the walls so far.

According to CBS 5, the SF Walls of Empathy may only be temporary as they were installed in above-ground areas at the three BART stations.

Organizers Muriel MacDonald, Tamilla Mir and Melissa Goldman issued a statement saying, "In this time when so many members of our community feel threatened, we hope our Wall of Empathy will communicate support and love, as well as help those who participate to process their feelings. Hate crimes and hateful rhetoric have no place in our city. We are stronger together."

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