From a numbers perspective, it doesn't matter that anyone in San Francisco voted for Donald Trump, as it was inevitable that his opponent would triumph in both the city and state, electoral votes etc etc zzzzz. But for those opposed to the current president-elect, the results of the election are disappointing not just because the person we preferred didn't win, but because we must come to terms with the fact that far more residents of this country want an admittedly racist/proud sexual assailant to lead our country than don't. And before you just say "it's a bunch of rust belt hicks" or whatever, look at the SF presidential race numbers and weep, as a current 26,461 of your San Francisco friends and neighbors voted for Donald Trump.

According to the San Francisco Department of Elections' count as of 2 a.m. today, Clinton scored 84.32 percent of San Francisco's vote: 228,211 ballots were cast for her from a current total of 274,207 SF ballots. As that means the election only had a 53.39 percent turnout in SF (we have 513,573 registered voters), I certainly hope there are numerous ballots left to count (Update: as of 10 a.m., the DoE says they have about 114,000 uncounted) — but at this stage in the game, percentages stay pretty stable. That means 9.78 percent of those SF voters cast theirs for Trump.

In case you're wondering, Jill Stein captured 2.26 percent of the current SF vote, Gary Johnson got 2.09 percent, and other write-ins got a total of 1.14 percent.

But I keep looking at that 9.78 percent. I know, it isn't huge — it's less than a decent person tips, less than some cities' sales taxes, less than my chances of contracting breast cancer. In fact, my husband walked in as I was writing this, took a look at the headline, and said "Compared to the rest of the country, that's still pretty good!" He is not wrong! I am still very happy that I moved here from Indiana nearly 20 years ago, happier today than I was on Monday.

I know SF is diverse, a place that has a wider range of beliefs than outsiders think. After all, I have been moderating comments in the city for twelve years. I see your IP addresses and (in many cases, work) emails, and I know that there are a lot of conservative-thinking people based right here.

But, still. 26,461 residents of our city — more, when the final votes are tallied — went for Trump, god, everything. Nearly ten percent. It makes you think. And maybe sob, just a little.

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