by Daisy Barringer

The good news is I finally figured out how to make watching the 49ers at Levi's Stadium tolerable: booze. And lots of it. The bad news is that I’m paying the price today. Oh, and the 49ers lost. Again. That’s seven losses in a row for those still bothering to keep count. Five years ago at this point in the season, the 49ers were 7-1. Today, we're 1-7. Great job, Jed York. You really know how to take something good and totally destroy it. What a gift.

But back to the drinking. Usually, I don’t like to have more than a couple of beers because I like to remember the game. But all of that remembering was making me sad. So why keep remembering when there’s a magical elixir that makes everything a hazy fog of indifference if you drink enough of it? Levi’s Stadium has many, many issues, but unlike Candlestick, it has a full bar and though that doesn’t make me like it any more, it does make it easier to tolerate. I always wondered why fans would come to a game and drink so much that they’d forget they were even there… but now I totally get it. And if this football team turns me into a full-blown alcoholic, there will only be one person to blame. Myself. NO NOT REALLY. Obviously, it will all be Jed York’s fault. Just like everything else.

So yeah. Another 49ers loss. At this point, it appears the team may only get one win all season. This, despite the fact that the Niners offense actually looked kind of decent yesterday. Colin Kaepernick threw for 398 yards, the second most of his career and the back-up running backs did their best in place of Carlos Hyde who’s still injured. Still, Kaepernick threw seven incomplete passes in a row, fumbled a snap and threw an interception. And DuJuan Harris and Mike Davis also both fumbled. This is football; you can’t turn the ball over four times and still expect to win the game.

Of course, even if the offense hadn’t turned the ball over four times, it probably wouldn’t have mattered because the defense looked abysmal. They allowed Drew Brees to pass for 323 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 interceptions, while also allowing Mark Ingram to rush for 158 yards and Tim Hightower to rush for 87. That makes them the first NFL defense EVER to allow a 100-yard rusher in seven straight games. Not exactly the kind of record you want to be breaking. It seems shocking that defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil still has his job, but firing him would only happen if this organization cared about winning. And I think we can all agree that it’s perfectly clear they don’t.

After the game, outside linebacker Eli Harold told reporters, “We can’t be the laughing stock.” Sadly, that’s exactly what the 49ers are. The few bright spots aren’t bright enough for fans to have even a glimmer of hope. It’s not a good sign when the only positive thing that comes out of a game is that your team will have a great draft pick. What’s worse though is that none of the people responsible seem bothered by what’s happening on the field. It’s like everyone has just accepted that we’re going to lose every game from here on out and maybe things will be different next year. Even the fans at the game could hardly be bothered to get involved. There was no standing up and making noise on third downs. There was no real belief that we’d get back in it even when we were only down by 10. There wasn’t even any real cheering… except of course by all of the people wearing black and gold, of which there were a lot.

Everyone’s given up hope on this organization. Including me. Unfortunately, it’s only people like me — people who paid thousands of dollars for their season tickets — who are being punished.

Yesterday was the last time I’ll go down to Levi’s Stadium this season. Even though I had fun at the game (mostly because I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Michael Mina Tailgate), it’s just not worth it to lose an entire day. For what? To pay for overpriced drinks while watching crappy football? I’d rather just watch the game on my couch and then turn off the TV when it’s over at least try to do something productive or fun. Plus, this team and Levi’s Stadium really are only tolerable if there’s heavy drinking involved and, frankly, my wallet and liver can’t take it.

This season feels like it’s been going on forever. Sadly, it’s only halfway over. January can’t get here soon enough.

Next Week: The 49ers go to Arizona to play the (3-4-1) Cardinals. We will definitely lose. It’s just who we are.

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