Fall is under way and the makers of the LA VICTORIA® Brand, known for authentic, flavorful salsa, enchilada sauce and taco sauce, recently conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers and found that salsa is the preferred condiment in the West.* So why not spice up your next gathering, whether it’s Friendsgiving or game day, with a couple salsa-infused recipes?

“While some may think of salsa as the epitome of a summer pantry staple, fall is all about bringing people together. Combined with your favorite dishes, this timeless condiment provides a modern Mexican twist on classic autumn recipes,” said Sebastian Friedman, LA VICTORIA® Brand Manager.

When it comes to heat, San Francisco respondents prefer medium salsa.* Satisfy your SF palate with some of these recipes:

Turkey and Stout Chili—The perfect weekend chili is simple to make and blends brown sugar, chipotle powder and salsa for just enough kick on game day. Try it with a thick and chunky salsa for a bolder texture—nearly 70 percent of consumers prefer it to salsa with a smooth consistency.*

Blistered Brussels and Cauliflower—Topped with a blend of olive oil, lemon juice, almonds and salsa verde, this is a healthy and flavorful addition to any fall menu.

Pressed for time but need to bring something to share at your family gathering? Chips and salsa is a classic crowd pleaser—in fact, 71 percent of consumers most often enjoy salsa with chips. When deciding how spicy to go, more than half of consumers appreciate an extra kick, opting for medium to hot salsa over mild or fruity varieties. Finally, grab the bag of traditional/triangle chips, which nearly 55 percent of consumers prefer over scoops, strips or rounds.*

Here’s to a festive—and delicious—fall season, LA!

This post is brought to you by La Victoria.

*Based on a 1,000 person survey conducted by the makers of the LA VICTORIA® Brand, Sept. 2017