If the unevenly sinking Millennium Tower is San Francisco's answer to Italy's Tower of Pisa, our comeback to Galileo — said to have performed gravity experiments from that classic structure — is this dude who posted a video on Reddit of a marble rolling on his floor. A purported resident of the Millennium tower, Frank Jernigan's video, which was previously picked up by SFGate, shows the marble as it appears to roll with the slope of his floor. This video is probably going to be played in court at some point, but of course, it's not the most scientific.

Marble roll in Millennium Tower from Frank Jernigan on Vimeo.

Homeowners in the 58-story tower that's reportedly sunk 16 inches down and two inches northwest have filed a class-action lawsuit seeking $500 million from the building's developer, Millennium Partners. That group, though, appears eager to deflect blame by pointing a finger at the neighboring Transbay Transit Center, arguing that underground construction on that structure negatively impacted the Millennium Tower. Meanwhile, Millennium Partners has provided an expert to emphasize the building's earthquake safety despite its, er, new stance.

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