Destiny the pit bull was so unmanageable, she was actually sentenced to die by a San Francisco judge.

Luckily for Destiny, her date with death was repealed. The Precita Park regular was accused of attacking seven fellow pups and while none of the other dog owners wanted to see a dog killed, some believe it might have been necessary.

Dog owner Dan Brieman told KRON, "I'm uncomfortable with it, but it might have been the best option."

Destiny lives - and apparently she's at it again. Her owner, Robert Washington was instructed to keep her on a leash and muzzled. According to fellow dog owners who share Precita Park with the black pit bull, Destiny has attacked two dogs since her resurrection.

"The dog won't obey the owner. There's a gathering of people trying to pull this dog off another dog," said Chris Johnson, yet another concerned dog owner. "I would have to see that as either breeded in them or he was trained that way."

This March 2015 "Ask Bernalwood" post from Bernalwood (obvs) seems to mention Destiny directly in the comments. Some posters blame the owner, others blame the breed. Some think she should be killed, others oppose that option. But it's clear that Destiny has been drama for some time.

San Francisco Animal Control has an open and active seizure order and has been trying to track down Destiny since May. When they do find her, it might finally be curtains for Destiny.