There are no fancy production values other than a few edits, in this video, nor are there any cutesy bits of pop-up commentary or bouncy music clips intended to signal that this is, indeed, a cute animal video.

And I have to be honest with you: This video of several of the SF Zoo's meerkats isn't even 100 percent cute! With their swift little hands and their smarter-than-they should be faces, these meerkats are a teeny, tiny bit frightening — and scratch the "teeny, tiny" part if you are a pumpkin, which is apparently their natural prey.

It's a blessing, I suppose, that the pumpkin's brain has already been removed, leaving him unaware of the indignities about to be visited on his person. For extra Halloweeny-fun, keep your eye on the right side of the frame about 30 seconds in, for a special creepy-crawly guest star.