It won't be the league record start of last year, 24-0, but predictions beyond that are likely premature.

“I thought our guys were embarrassed,” head Coach Steve Kerr said at a press conference following the first game, and loss, of the season for his much-hyped Golden State Warriors, who fell to the San Antonio Spurs. “I know I was,” he added according to the Chronicle.

After an astonishing loss in last season's NBA finals, the Warriors are now joined by Kevin Durant, a seven time All-Star whose first outing as a Warrior at Oracle Arena didn't go as planned. With the Dubs down 23, Kerr took Durant out, and the team fell 129-100.

“It’s a slap in the face,” Durant reportedly said. “It woke us up a bit, and we look forward to getting better.”

Plenty of haters made hay out of the loss, tweeting memes and suggesting Durant would soon head to greener pastures.

But what went wrong? "The Warriors got nothing from their centers, and they appear to have a glaring hole in the middle of their lineup," The Ringer observed, adding "They have an Achilles’ heel." However, "an NBA season that was supposed to be a coronation from the very beginning just got a lot more interesting."

Agreed — 81 games to go.

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