Followers of San Francisco crimes might know the intersection of Plymouth and Broad Streets as the site of some notable fatal shootings — but it's also home to Lacy's Barber Shop, an Ocean View institution that has served residents since 1952.

As part of their San Francsico Explored video series, the Excelsior-Ingleside Light spent some time with Lloyd Lacy, who says he's been at the shop for 20 years, and has owned it for the last seven.

"My godfather bought this shop back in '52. We had just moved out here, and a couple years later he got this shop," Lacy says. "I used to walk over the hill, come over, kick it with him."

Lacy started cutting hair at age 15, he says, and eventually went to barber college before making his way back to his childhood haunt.

"I have seen some things at this corner you would not believe" Lacy says. Not mentioned in the video, but perhaps on Lacy's mind: A 2015 shooting that left area businesses riddled with bullets and the alleged robber of an area clothing store dead, and a double shooting this month that killed a man at that same corner.

But despite the occasional strife of the neighborhood he's lived in since 1950, Lacy says there's nowhere he'd rather be. “I love it, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing," he says, saying that he turned 71 in September and now "everyone asks me when I'm going to retire."

"From what?" he says he responds. "There's nothing hard about this. I love this."

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