Calm in the Los Altos Hills area was broken on Friday by an active shooter situation and a shelter-in-place order as sheriff's deputies, police, and a SWAT team established a perimeter around a home on Oak Knoll Circle. Just after 11 a.m., as police tell CBS5, a woman called 911 to report that a man who had allegedly been stalking her had appeared unexpectedly at her home, forcing his way inside and opening fire.

Sgt. Rich Glennon of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office tells news media that the suspect, who is 43-year-old William Brady III of Georgia, exchanged gunfire with a man in the home and fled. He was found outside with a gunshot wound and transported to the hospital, where he received surgery and is recovering. Brady has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Glennon, who is of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office which patrols the area tells the Mercury News that Brady had engaged in domestic-violence against the woman in the home during a relationship with her in Georgia and that she had sought a restraining order against him. Few details were reported when the Merc and others broke news of the gunfire on Friday.

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