Just in time for Halloween, we bring you some truly frightening news: San Francisco is no longer the top trick-or-treating city in the country. KRON 4 reports this scarifying tidbit, and notes that our fair city lost the top spot this year to — GASP — Philadelphia.

For those of you wondering, yes, San Francisco has traditionally, though sort of confusingly, been named the best city for trick-or-treating in the US. Maybe it's all those full-size candy bars on Billionaire's Row? Or, possibly, maybe the whole lack of children thing means more candy for the few who do make it out on the streets in neighborhoods like Noe Valley. Either way, real estate website Zillow — the company that compiles the annual list — no longer finds us fit for the #1 title.

The top five cities, in order, named by Zillow are Philadelphia, San Jose, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

Now, it doesn't take a genius to think there's maybe something a little off with this list. Not because San Francisco should still be at the top, but because the methodology has always been kind of weird. "[Zillow researchers] look at the Zillow Home Value Index, which shows the value of homes in single family residences," the report reads. "They also look at local crime data, how close each house is to its neighbor, and the age of the residents who live there."

So, basically, because San Francisco is on average a wealthy and relatively dense city with low crime and a bunch of young people we score high on the list. Sure, OK. However, if your little tyke is actually looking to score some sugary loot, we recommend keeping to mostly residential neighborhoods like Glen Park, St. Francis Wood, West Portal, and Noe — which are the 'hoods with the strongest trick-or-treat traditions.

If you wander the Mission on Halloween night, or the now party-prohibitive Castro, you may be more likely to find trickery and adult-themed treats — or just drunk, half-costumed twenty-somethings — in lieu of candy.

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