Juanita MORE!, Polly Tickle (a.k.a. Jane Kim), and Glamamore. Photo via Shot In the City

At the Powerblouse party at Powerhouse (link semi-NSFW) on Saturday night — in which drag mothers Juanita More! and Glamamore put someone in drag who's never been in drag before and make them perform one number — they enlisted none other than Supervisor and state senate candidate Jane Kim, who became a faux queen for one night named Polly Tickle (get it?). Above, the photographic evidence.

"Always have wanted to be a Queen!" said Kim on Facebook.

Kim's appearance coincided with the party's one-year anniversary, and you can see the full photo set of her getting dragged up here.

Fun fact: Kim recently gave an interview with Juanita about her favorite foods and places to eat, and she says she loves Turtle Tower, and admits she was never a big cereal person, if only because her mother used to eat it with kimchi in it. "The milk turned orange and she still drank it," she says. "That was too much even for me!"

Another drag daughter!! Polly Tickle @supejanekim #powerhouse #powerblouse

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@supejanekim #powerblouse at @sfpowerhouse #sfdrag

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