Perhaps providing drivers stuck in traffic with an ounce of (admittedly false) hope, some trickster hacked a Sunset digital road sign over the weekend and repurposed it to warn that numerous finely sculpted posteriors could be found ahead. Hoodline spotted photos of the sign, and informed us that this latest butt-announcement was first noticed Sunday.

Readers of SFist will no doubt remember that this is not the first time the spelling-challenged yoga butt bandit has altered digital city signs. In February of this year, someone altered a sign warning of car break-ins near Alamo Square park to read "That #Yogabut Though" — perhaps, as we speculated at the time, in reference to the popular hashtag. Other hacked signs have since appeared in other parts of town, including one later in February telling the entire city to fuck itself.

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And while hacked road signs are literally flashy and attention grabbing, someone has been tagging "yogabut" in one form or another around the city for some time — suggesting the work of a local rear connoisseur.

Yoga But 7 at Howard and 11th. I missed you, #yogabut

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#yogabut #sanfrancisco

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According to Hoodline, as of Monday morning, the latest addition to the yogabut oeuvre was still up — bravely informing drivers of just one of the many fine things San Francisco has to offer.

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