A swiftly moving fire in the sparsely populated Santa Cruz Mountains that broke out Monday has prompted multiple evacuations, and as CalFire updates us today, the Loma Fire has spread to 2,250 acres since Tuesday, and is now 10 percent contained. Still only one home has been destroyed and one damaged, along with six outbuildings. KRON 4 reports on the aerial firefight, and notes that flames were visible along the mountainside yesterday from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The fire, which started along the Loma Prieta Mountain ridge for reasons yet unknown, spread initially very quickly shooting flames high in the air. It continues to threaten 300 homes.

As one local resident and evacuee, 67-year-old Dave Norman, tells the Chronicle, "I've done this drill before," likely referring to fires that struck the area in 2008 and 2009, as well as the huge and destructive Lexington Fire in 1985.

As ABC 7 explains, the firefight has been complicated by the steep terrain, and increased winds Wednesday are also expected to make things more difficult for firefighters. With 500 firefighters working on the case, they hope to have the Loma Fire contained by October 3.

The fire remains primarily in Santa Clara County but could edge into Santa Cruz County before it's fully contained.

In the meantime, here's some video of 27 horses and four adorable alpacas who have been evacuated to the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds. As ABC 7 notes, animals and livestock far outnumber residents in these hills, and more will likely need to be rescued.

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