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I'd like to think there's a little bit of a hopeless romantic in all of us, but it turns out grand gestures may have gone the way of, well, last week's lunch. A recent marriage proposal picked up by Capp Street Crap appears to ask why shout your love from the rooftops when you can spray paint it on the side of a porta-potty — in this case by literally spray painting it on the side of a porta-potty.

"Maria Marry me," reads the silver paint on the side of the blue defecation-shed. "Move in. Fidel."

And while we assume Fidel isn't suggesting Maria move into the United-brand portable toilet with him, that he chose such a location to profess his love has got to be a bad sign for their blossoming romance. I mean, I guess he could have tagged the side of a funeral home, but there aren't too many worse options.

Either way, we wish Fidel and Maria the best. After all, Fidel didn't deliver an engagement ring via drone, which, really, would have been a truly shit move.

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