We are now getting some better detail about what happened last October in the senseless killings of a 23-year-old Canadian backpacker in Golden Gate Park and a 67-year-old tantric yoga instructor in Marin after two of the accused killers appeared for their preliminary hearing in a Marin County court on Tuesday. As the Examiner reports, via testimony from a Marin County Sheriff's detective in the case, 19-year-old Lila Scott Alligood changed her story at least once in the same day that she and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Morrison Haze Lampley, and their fellow traveler, 24-year-old Sean Michael Angold were arrested in Portland, Oregon, at first allegedly claiming that Angold was the shooter in both killings, and then admitting that Lampley was the shooter. The detective, Scott Buer, says that Alligood said she was trying to protect Lampley, whom she had known since she was 12 and who was her longtime boyfriend.

We learn via the Chronicle that the pair had only known Angold for a few weeks, and had met him in San Francisco after hitchhiking here from San Diego up Route 1. Angold allegedly provided them with methamphetamine, and the trio were then noted by other transients reportedly acting "edgy" around the Upper Haight in the days before they allegedly shot and killed Audrey Carey on October 3, 2015, during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park.

Angold has since pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for his testimony against Alligood and Lampley, and he will be serving 15 years to life for his role in the killings. The three allegedly stole both a gun and a car in addition to money from their victims, and they were tracked via the car's GPS to Portland.

Buer testified Tuesday — albeit with third-hand information via a cellmate of Alligood's who came forward with an alleged confession by Alligood in order to get her own sentence reduced — that Alligood said "All of a sudden, Lampley jumps up and shoots her and there is blood ... all over." She further said that in the minutes before Lampley shot Carey, Carey was thanking the three of them for being friends. Carey's body was later found to have methamphetamine in her system.

As both papers report, the statement from Alligood's cellmate, Pamela Bullock, constituted much of what Buer told the court in the hearing. Bullock said Alligood referred to Carey as "the bitch," and in discussing the murder of Steven Carter on a Marin hiking trail two days later, she allegedly said, "The old man needed to die."

According to the Chronicle, during the hearing Tuesday, "Alligood appeared teary-eyed as Lampley showed little emotion."

As ABC 7 reports, via Buer's testimony, that "one of the bullets pierced Carter's wallet, put a hole in a credit card, and shredded the cash inside... [and later] Alligood described those bills as wet when the suspects later used them to buy gas in Bolinas."

Defense attorneys appear to want to continue to pin the killings on Angold, per the Ex, questioning Buer about Alligood's initial statement that he was the triggerman, not Lampley.

Alligood's attorney also sought to discredit Bullock's statements, as jailhouse confessions are often called into question when those who received them have something to gain. Bullock apparently wrote in a statement to investigators, "I’m fighting for time. Help me so I can help you guys.

No trial date has yet been set for Alligood and Lampley, who are being tried together. Prosecutors have said the death penalty will not be sought.

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