The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been out for just three days now, and already some early adopters have begun to report that all is not right with their shiny new devices. Say hello to, as Business Insider has dubbed it, "Hissgate." It seems that some of the Plus-sized phones put out an audible hissing sound while being used — a fact which, unsurprisingly, hasn't gone over so well with those who managed to score one of the sought-after iPhones.

Although not all devices are afflicted with the reptilian scourge, multiple reports of the problem suggest it is not an isolated fluke. "My iPhone 7 Plus makes terrible noises when under load," tweeted one perturbed customer, Stephen Hackett, along with an audio clip of what he says is the sound of his phone.

Let's have a listen:

Darrell Etherington, who writes for Tech Crunch, says his phone is having the same problem. "[Brand] new, just-unboxed doing the same thing right now," he tweeted. "[Did] not restore, set up as new (still DL-ing email etc)."

Perhaps it's just a snake offering up that apple? Tech Times offers up a more prosaic possibility: "coil noise or coil whine." Basically, the sound is just a byproduct of the device working away. Apple Insider, meanwhile, suggests that "[the] issue could involve the RF transmitter, or some other form of interference with the speaker system."

Whatever the cause, Apple offered to replace Hackett's phone and would presumably do the same for anyone else whose phone is experiencing the same problem.

And anyway, in the scheme of things this seems to be a relatively small problem. After all, the touch screens are still working.

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