Our friends at Curbed regularly track the city's most violently expensive home and condo listings. And seeing as we all enjoy drooling over these glimpses we get of how the 0.01% live, get a load of this top-floor, corner penthouse at the Four Seasons downtown, which just hit the market for $11.9 million. It is a four-bedroom, five-and-one-half bath "grand" penthouse with incomparable views facing east, west, and south, and as Curbed explains, the ceiling heights for the top floor units are a full 9 inches higher than the rest of the building, clocking in at a downright regal 10 feet 3 inches.

The realtor, Sotheby's, has created this website for what they say is the "largest and highest listed penthouse in San Francisco." And it is pretty sweet, with inlaid marble floors in the entry, a spacious living/dining area, and what appear to be multiple seating areas and a library. The master bath has a window over looking the city, and one of the showers appears to have some fancy stone work as well.

And the place apparently has three entrances, because why not: formal, residential, and staff. Oh and of the four bedrooms, one of them is actually a live-in maid's suite. But the library can also be converted into a guest room with "floating glass privacy panels."

The HOA dues? Oh, just $3,078 per month.

Given the pretty incredible views, it's curious as to how this clocks in at just $12 million when the nearby Lumina, which albeit is newer, was marketing a top-floor penthouse last year for $49 million. But okay, okay, that was on two floors and clocked in at 20,000 square feet, and this one is but 4,600 square feet. And that one had a double-height living area with 20 feet of glass overlooking the city, lending it a truly comic-book-villain air. (That listing went up about 18 months before construction was set to be finished, and as of now it still hasn't sold, according to MLS. Go figure.)

Is $11.9 million in your or your buddy's price range? Give Sotheby's a ring.

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