Let's all read this with healthy skepticism with its presumed biases and unexplained sample size, but a new survey of local renters from the site ApartmentList.com gives San Francisco an overall satisfaction grade of A-, with a predictable F grade for affordability, but decent marks across categories like public transit (A-), career opportunities (A+), weather (A-... guessing people were surveyed pre-summer), and safety and crime rate (B-). Compare that to our much larger rival New York, which got an overall B in addition to an F for affordability, a C for weather, and a B for jobs and career opportunities.

Apartment List says this second annual Renter Satisfaction Survey reflects ratings given to states and cities across the country by 30,000 renters, though they don't reveal, for instance, how many people in SF participated or in what neighborhoods (or at what price points) they are renting.

But they have a separate Oakland survey that one imagines reflects the biases of people in market-rate units who would perhaps prefer to be renting in SF? Oakland renters surveyed give the place an overall F grade, with Fs for affordability and crime, and Cs for jobs, commute time, and recreational activities. The highest grade? An A for public transit and B+ for weather.

So, you know automatically this was one grumpy group of survey takers when SF gets an A- and Oakland gets a B+ for weather, but despite what you may have heard, it can be overcast and gray over there in the summer too.

[h/t: Curbed SF]

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