After this week's unveiling of the new water-resistant, headphone jack-free iPhone 7, Apple kicked off an ad campaign with the phrase "This is 7," apparently not knowing that directly translating that to Cantonese basically means "This is penis" or "dick" in slang. As Quartz reports, Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong are delighted with the unintended joke, since the character for "seven," pronounced tsat, is frequently used in slang not only for "penis" but to mean "goofy" or "dorky," as in "You're so seven."

They also note that Apple has had to do odd translations to Taiwanese and Mandarin as well, having the slogans read "Exactly is 7" and "7, is here," respectively.

And this isn't the first time a cellphone maker has run up against this gaffe — Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 translates to "a stick of penis" in Cantonese.

As the Chronicle notes, the jokes have been spreading widely around Hong Kong, with one person posting to Facebook, "Without a 3.5mm earbud jack, this is exactly penis."

Meanwhile, we can all brace ourselves for everyone you know (who can afford them) to start losing those wireless AirPods one by one.

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