The Apple launch event today didn't end with Sia and the news about the iPhone 7. John Hanke, CEO of Pokémon Go game developer Niantic, took the stage to tell everyone how the app is coming later this year to the Apple Watch, enabling the Pokémon-obsessed to play the game while out on a run, for instance, or just doing their daily activities, without having their head down in their phone, hopefully preventing future instances of people running into lampposts and walking into traffic.

As Forbes explains, while the Watch app has most of the functionality of the game, alerting players to local landmarks, their relative distance to the next PokéStop, and to the appearance of Pokémon as they move about their city, users would still need to have their phones on them to play, and pull them out in order to catch any Pokémon. It will facilitate egg hatching, however.


But isn't the craze over this game already starting to die out, you ask? That's what Bloomberg was reporting two weeks ago, saying that "daily active users, downloads, engagement, and time spent on the app per day are all well off their peaks and on a downward trend." They say that these trends, just six weeks after the game's release, could "cast aspersion not only on the viability and popularity of Pokemon Go, but augmented reality gaming at large."

That's not to say that the game can't be improved and reach a whole new group of users via the Apple Watch, though. No date for the release of the Watch app was announced, only that it will happen this year.

In related news, Apple is releasing Series 2 of the Apple Watch, with orders beginning Friday. As ABC 7 explains, Series 1 with a faster processor will now be available for $269, and Series 2, which has GPS (necessary for Pokemon play), will be on sale for $369.

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Niantic CEO John Hanke showing off the soon-to-be-released Pokemon Go watch app.