Did you enjoy your long weekend, everybody? Did you escape the city for some sun on Saturday or Sunday? I hope so. I did. It was quite lovely down on Peninsula but from what I gathered things were on the miserable and gray side in the city until Monday.

But we're ready for the spoils of September to finally arrive, amirite?

While we will be enjoying some sun and mild temperatures today, as a high pressure system forms off the coast and slows that onshore wind and fog, tomorrow (Wednesday) is set to be the warmest day of the week, both inland and in the city proper. What does that mean? It means that if you're still having Decompression trauma and/or still need to relax after whatever Labor Day travel you returned from, you may want to consider playing hooky at the beach, where temperatures could be in the 70s.

As the Chronicle points out, Wednesday will be the first time SF temps have risen above 70 degrees in 42 days — and as discussed last week, the city's high temperature for all of August was 70 degrees even, which only happened one day the entire month, a 74-year record.

July 26, if you can think that far back, was the last day of balmy weather, with a high of 76.

Tomorrow, though, it's supposed to hit 78 in some parts of the city (and 84 in Oakland), at least according to Bob Benjamin with the National Weather Service. Weather Underground, meanwhile, shows temps of 75 in certain parts of the central city as I type this, and only shows a high of 69 for tomorrow. But believe what you will.

All sources seem to agree that things will be cooling off again into the same pattern as last weekend on Thursday, with highs in the mid-60s and morning fog to be expected right through this next weekend.

When will this craziness stop and our actual Indian Summer set in? Maybe not next week, but hopefully the week after? Consult your almanacs and talismans. I can make no promises.

You should, however, continue to carry an extra layer for the foreseeable future, and try to keep your weather-related whining in check, because everyone's already heard it for the past two months.

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