As opposed to the calendar year that we all recognize as beginning on January 1, San Francisco's fiscal year begins anew on July 1 of every year. And though the revelry that one sees on December 31 is absent on June 30, some city employees had a lot to celebrate this year, as a record-topping number of them took home pay and benefits in the 2015-2016 fiscal year that topped $300,000.

Loyal SFist readers already know that $4.7 billion of San Francisco's $9.6 billion budget is devoted to city worker salaries and benefits. And now, with data on last fiscal year's city worker salaries now available on the Nevada Policy Research Institute's public employment compensation database, we learn that a "record number," per Matier and Ross, of San Francisco's city and county staffers made, with benefits and overtime, well over $300K.

But though overtime was often the reason a comparatively modest staffer's compensation might skyrocket, that's not always the case: See, for example, the city's best paid staffer William J. Coaker Jr., the chief investment officer for SF's retirement system. With a base pay of $507,831.60 and benefits of $125,891.73, he clocks in at a cool $633,723.33 per annum — almost $150K more than SF's second-highest grosser, Assistant Medical Examiner Ellen G. Moffatt , who between her $279,311.10 salary, $3,829.36 in OT, $114,433.58 in "other pay," and $72,446.93 in benefits pulled down $470,020.97 last year.

You can investigate all of SF's city worker salaries here, but here's a rundown of San Francisco's sizable $300K-plus club. Enjoy!


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