Marking her third foray into the ridiculous saga of stripper-turned-action-heroine Champagne Horowitz Jones Dickerson White, local drag star and Oasis co-owner D'Arcy Drollinger returns to the stage this week with Disastrous. It's a stupidly funny drag farce that mashes up as many disaster-film and B-grade 70's action movie clichés as it possibly can in just under two hours, while also making time for dick jokes and several orgasms.

The Champagne White trilogy (so far) began with 2014's Shit & Champagne (see SFist's review here), and continued last summer with the equally bawdy and silly Champagne White and the Temple of Poon, all written by, directed by, and starring Drollinger.

Drollinger's comedic company of performers also returns for the third installment, including the marvelous and limber Matthew Martin as the villainess twin sister of Shit & Champagne's Dixie Stampede, named Trixie Touché, once again sporting “She-vel Knievel” jumpsuit realness and here portraying a strip club owner turned pharmaceutical mastermind. Steven LeMay returns hilariously as a disaster-prone flight attendant named Sharon, James Arthur reprises the role of gay BFF Sergio, Adam Roy does some terrific facial contortions and physical comedy in about a dozen different roles, and Nancy French is a delight as Debbie, the stripper who gives zero fucks.

The humor ranges from camp to Catskills to Zucker brothers stupidity, and it's clear that the whole cast is having a blast. Expect many wigs, low-budget special effects, and some clever puppet work by Todd Young and Joe Casserly, as well as a lot of jokes that tend to be more "har har" than offensive. The best part: several pre-taped, fully produced video interlude scenes by Richard Neveu interspersed throughout the live action in which the entire cast shines.

Disastrous plays at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday for the next four weekends, closing on September 17. Find tickets here.