There's been much in the news about downtown's Millennium Tower sinking into the mud and tilting, and a coming wave of lawsuits from homeowners there, and now it looks like reps for their neighbor, Salesforce Tower, are cracking wise about the situation with the above Facebook post.

Announcing a new video about the under-construction tower's "enhanced seismic safety," they posted with the phrase, "Bedrock, baby!" making obvious reference to the Millennium Tower's developer's decision not to drill foundation piles 200 feet down to bedrock, but only 80 feet down as some other area buildings had done.

As CBS 5 notes, the Transbay Joint Powers authority, which is being blamed by Millennium Partners for exacerbating the settling of their tower with the excavation for the Transbay Transit Center next door, issued a statement saying, "To cut costs, Millennium did not drill piles to bedrock."

Also, as everyone who works downtown has been seeing, and as we're starting to see from many vantage points on the skyline, the tower is already about halfway to its eventual height, with the glass curtain wall already going onto the lower floors. As the video explains, the concrete core of the tower is rising one floor every three days.

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