Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, though he served as a local delegate for Donald Trump and spoke in support of him at the Republican National Convention last month, apparently has "no plans to donate to or raise money for Mr. Trump," at least according to a spokesman reached by the Wall Street Journal. It's a bit of a surprising revelation given Thiel's outspoken support for the candidate so far, and given that he previously gave $2 million to a super PAC supporting Carly Fiorina, but maybe not so surprising given the overall chilly reception Trump's been getting from Silicon Valley overall — including the announcement earlier this month that onetime Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has decided to support Hillary.

Back in June, a Trump event in Atherton at the home of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich got called off after an outcry from within Intel's ranks, though Krzanich insists the event was not going to be a fundraiser but more of a private opportunity for Silicon Valley business leaders to discuss issues important to their industry with the candidate. The event was leaked to the New York Times, and subsequently local Republican donor Trevor Traina — founder of and son of Dede Wilsey — tells the Journal that other potential donors and fundraisers have been scared off, comparing the media scrutiny to a "witch hunt" and saying the Krzanich case "sent a chill down a number of spines."

Thiel always seems to have marched to his own drummer, however, and doesn't have a particular corporation's reputation to protect. So why won't he ponying up any cash to defeat Hillary?

It seems to be part of a larger trend across several industries, according to the Journal, including tech and finance, with Wall Street donors unhappy with Republicans embracing a law that would break up big banks.

Meanwhile, Trump is heading to the Bay Area next week, with a planned fundraiser in the Napa Valley at an undisclosed location on Monday, August 29. As the Napa Valley Register tells us, tickets for that event start at $5,000.

A Trump fundraiser is also planned somewhere in San Francisco, possibly the following day, August 30, though the timing and location of that are so far unconfirmed.

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