Fans of all things good in the world have a reason to celebrate: Beloved local maker of chocolate-covered ice-cream sandwiches, IT'S-IT, just added a new flavor to its collection. And, drum roll, that new flavor is green tea.

The Chronicle reports that the newest guilty pleasure is made with matcha green tea powder, but like us has clearly yet to actually try the desert as the story lacks an enthusiastic first-person review. Meanwhile, NBC Bay Area notes that this is the first new flavor added to the company's dairy stable since 2014 when pumpkin was introduced — "a release that caused temporary shortages throughout the Bay Area," we're told.

If, like me, you are stuck at work and can't rush out and buy one of these things right away, the below video of an IT'S-IT factory tour might tide you over. Or it might make you more ravenous.

View at your own risk.

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