A Bay Area woman was arrested Thursday, after a grand jury in Los Angeles indicted her for allegedly stalking and harassing members of a high-profile celebrity family.

According to the indictment, which you can read in full here, 36-year-old Newark, California nurse’s assistant Christina Elizabeth Bankston used aliases including Troy Leatherby, Jacky Jasper, Greg Comeau, and "Browbuster" to hack, harass, and attempt to intimidate members of the Jenner and Kardashian reality TV dynasty.

Between March and September 2014, the indictment reads, Bankston allegedly hacked Kris Jenner’s iCloud account then used it to impersonate Jenner to friends and family, including sending "explicit and harassing messages" to Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner.

"Let's talk. My bad, Let's stalk," Bankston allegedly texted Kris Jenner, threatening to release an alleged sex tape featuring the famous matriarch.

A person described by ABC 7 as "celebrity blogger Jacky Jasper" (here's his site) also says that Bankston impersonated him to harass Jenner.

"Everyone thought I was stalking Kris and had issues with the family, so far from true," (the presumably real) Jasper told ABC 7.

Bankston "also allegedly impersonated Kris Jenner on Instagram, posting negative comments about 'blacks' and disparaging family members, and taunting her," BuzzFeed reports.

In a video published by TMZ, last week a woman identified as Bankston rode a roller coaster at Disneyland, hollering "I love you Kris" during the ride.

According to TMZ, Bankston "was calling Kris up to 300 times a day. She would also call the media, including TMZ, posing as Kris."

"Her obsession with Kris began a few months back," they report, saying that Bankston took last week's "trip down to L.A. to meet Kris."

Following her arrest by FBI agents Thursday, Bankston was expected to make her initial appearance in court today. All in all, she faces 15 felony counts. According to BuzzFeed, "Each of the cyberstalking and computer hacking offenses carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison. The aggravated identity theft charge carries a mandatory two-year consecutive sentence."