Ah, Vallejo. Our neighbor to the north is in the news again this week, with four women standing accused of going totally nuts in a Jack in the Box after their drive-through order was deemed to be not up to their standards. The Los Angeles Times reports that this all went down on Sunday afternoon — proving that the questionable decision to eat fast food is not only a late-night affair.

The four women reportedly got their order around 12:45 p.m. from the fast food joint at 1610 Lewis Brown Road, and things quickly went sideways. “They said the food was too cold,” Lieutenant Herman Robinson of the Vallejo Police Department told the paper. The store's manager, likely following some corporate manual, asked that they pull into the parking lot and said they could have a fresh order.

We don't know what they ordered (Sriracha Curly Fry Burger Munchie Meal? Bacon Ranch Monster Taco?), but whatever it was, they must have had quite the craving as the manager's offer didn't go over so well.

“They weren’t satisfied with that,” Robinson told the Times. “They wanted immediate service." The women then reportedly pulled back through and chucked their food through the drive-through window, and the manager later told police he thought he spotted a gun (no gun was found).

"Subsequent to that, they enter the restaurant, where they basically terrorize the employees," explained Robinson. The alleged terrorizing included knocking over a cash register and stacks of cups and straws.

CBS 5 reports that one of the women struck an employee in the head, but the Times clarifies that the employee was hit in the head with an object — possibly a cold Chicken Fajita Pita?

The women fled after their alleged mini-rampage, but employees got the car's license plate and police arrested them a short time later. Three of the four, aged 19 to 24, were arrested on suspicion of trespassing and vandalism. The fourth, 28-year-old Keyira Gipson, was arrested on suspicion of vandalism, trespassing, and probation violation.

No word on whether or not they got a chance to eat any lunch before police showed up.

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