Sadly the video's been yanked off Instagram, but a possibly unstable and/or extraordinarily high young white man went streaking through Hayes Valley, in the vicinity of Octavia, on Friday afternoon. As Hoodline explains, via SFPD spokesperson Giselle Talkoff, police responded to a call around 1:30 p.m. of the naked suspect banging on cars.

He was, apparently, "pointing his privates" at officers, and did resist arrest, at least until they pepper-sprayed him. "Upon attempting to detain the male subject, he became combative, and appeared to have an altered mental status," says Talkoff.

No word on whether he was a Trump detractor or supporter, like this fashion model who recently put on a similar naked display whilst having some kind of mental break in Times Square in New York.

Unfortunately, our naked guy does not appear to be a model.

In other news, are bath salts still a thing?

If anyone else has video of the incident that isn't just a still set to music like this one, please share.