Yes, iPhone fans and Apple nerds, it appears we have the first stateside leak of an actual (non-working) iPhone 7 Plus model — a mockup, with a blue backing, that YouTube channel Unbox Therapy claims was sent to them by someone employed at the manufacturing plant in China. And in the video above you'll see that he confirms that the various rumors we've heard are true, including the one about the dual lens camera, which will reportedly be able to shoot in even higher definition than the iPhone 6S Plus.

Also important: As we heard most recently in June, the 7 line is losing a feature that's been basic to the iPhone all along, the 3.5mm headphone jack. That is being replaced, as this dude shows us, with the lightning port alone — meaning all your headphones either need to be Bluetooth or have the lightning connector now.

And there is a wireless docking station now on the back which hints at new devices, like a possible wireless charger, and perhaps wireless keyboards, etc.

What's not confirmed in this demo, though, are the three models that the phone is rumored to come in. Reportedly, according to a Chinese leaker, there will be in addition to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro model with extra features.

As The Next Web reported this week, the iPhone 7 is expected to hit Apple stores beginning September 16.

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