Tormented by a package thief who habitually swipes parcels from her San Francisco doorstep, one woman took matters into her own hands, or perhaps, in this case, gloves. KRON 4 has the tale, reporting that the resident installed a surveillance camera to catch the criminal while packing dog poop into a bag inside a package for him to steal.

In the video below, that thief can be seen snagging the box, and then standing near a bush to open the package. After smoking a cigarette, he appears to put the bag of shit into his backpack. “Gotcha!" the woman reportedly said upon taking her revenge. "Wish I had footage of him opening that bag.” Us too.

This has, like all things, been done before, making it a tried-and-true method. A Vallejo man in 2014 pulled this same — excuse me — shit, inspired by another similar move tried in DC that year.

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