Because we all love our Apple rumors so much, here's another one for you: The latest addition to the tech giant's line of iPhones, the iPhone 7, is slated for a September 16 release. So says reporter Evan Blass, who CNet calls a "known and generally reliable leaker," although the date remains unconfirmed by the company.

The iPhone 7, reportedly pictured above via Chinese social network Weibo, is expected to come in three models and maintain many of the same features at the iPhone 6. The one big rumored change, as previously noted, is the removal of the headphone jack, though that may come in a future model. The iPhone 7 is also expected to be all glass, ensuring that both your phone's front and back will be cracked after a rough night out at the bars.

Apple, of course, is refusing to comment on the reported September release date, however Cnet goes ahead and calls it "a safe bet given that Apple typically kicks off a new iPhone around mid-September with a Friday as opening day so the company can rake in a full weekend of initial sales."

If the date is accurate, 9To5Mac suggests that Apple devotees eager to upgrade their smartphones may be able to pre-order the new iPhone starting September 9 — so no need to go camp out in front of the new Apple store yet.

As for those of you wondering why anyone would buy a new phone that is basically the same as their old one except missing a headphone jack and more fragile, well, you probably haven't met very many Apple fans.

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