If you're into the intrigue that happens at City Hall especially where Chinatown power player Rose Pak is concerned, then get this: You know how Pak had her whole falling out with Ed Lee in the last two years because he failed to appoint her choice Cindy Wu for District 3 Supervisor when David Chiu vacated his seat to go to the state Assembly? Well, Wu is back in play, potentially, and has perhaps made the strategic move to an apartment in District 6 in order to position herself as a successor to Jane Kim, if Kim should win the election to State Senate in the fall. As Nevius reports, Pak is behind a push for Wu, who this week may end up getting elected chair of the local Democratic County Central Committee, and who could become a progressive replacement for Kim — something the mayor may not want, politically, but he may not want to get on Pak's bad side again.

And this week there were two rallies in support of Mayor Ed Lee, and against a recall effort, both organized by Pak as an apparent gesture of goodwill — and perhaps the first in a quid pro quo campaign to get him to support Wu.

There is the possibility that Wiener wins the senate seat, in which case the mayor will get to appoint another moderate to Wiener's chair on the Board, but Pak is apparently putting her money behind Kim — which isn't surprising since Pak likes supporting Asian-American candidates, and she says she still supports the mayor for that reason, despite their differences. Pak previously supported Kim to replace Chiu as president of the Board, but that job went to London Breed.

And in part thanks to Pak's campaign help, the mayor's appointee to the D3 seat, Julie Christensen, was pushed out of office last November by returning Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

Pak only recently returned from China where she'd spent six months rehabilitating from a reported kidney problem. But she's already hard at work, at seems, getting her hands dirty in the upcoming election, which will also see replacements elected for two termed-out progressives, John Avalos and David Campos.

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