A spokesperson with the Ku Klux Klan has confirmed that the fliers promoting their organization and criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement found in the Haight earlier this week were not (as some suggested) a hoax, and did actually come from active members of the white supremacist group.

As previously reported, Haight residents found the fliers, which read in part that "Black Lives Matter Black Panthers are telling followers to kill white people and police officers in the name of justice for the killing of negro’s by policemen in the line of duty" on their doorsteps Tuesday.

Though at least one local news outlet sneered that the "widely blogged about" fliers were a likely hoax, that outlet was sadly incorrect: As reported today by the Chron, a KKK official confirmed that the fliers came from his organization, and were indeed being distributed in SF and across the country.

Speaking with the Chron, West Coast grand dragon Will Quigg confirmed the fliers' veracity, and said that "our organization is actively recruiting in all of California and all of the United States.”

“We’re getting a lot more calls, especially in the last few months with what Obama’s doing, what Hillary’s doing and especially Black Lives Matter calling for war and saying they’re trying to kill all whites.”

According to San Francisco Police Department Captain John Sanford, whose Park Station covers the neighborhood in which the fliers were distributed, "we have not received any complaints whatsoever, and we haven't even seen the flyers," Hoodline reports. As the distribution of fliers like these, repugnant as they might be to most, is the distributors' First Amendment right, Sanford says that "If someone decides that they want to recruit for the KKK, they have the right to do that."

However, "if this group is coming together and talking about commuting a crime or doing something illegal, then that is something we would be concerned about."

But there's no need for concern, Quigg asserts, saying that this is the "new" Klan (presumably opposed to the "old" Klan that, like, murdered black people for fun I guess?) and that they "do not go knocking on people’s doors. We don’t do that type of recruitment because we don’t want to make any people feel uneasy or scared because they do not understand we are a new Klan."

“We are a white, Christian, nonviolent civil rights organization," Quigg claims, but I suspect that that will matter little to folks like "The Loyal White Lady Ally of the Haight," who reportedly posted counter-fliers in the area the hate group's work earlier appeared.

According to Broke Ass Stuart, the counter-poster "will beat your sorry ass if I catch you in my neighborhood distributing hate flyers." A sentiment which, clearly, falls under Sanford's definition of something police "would be concerned about."

“How dare you come to the Haight and attempt to recruit out residents. We stand for peace and justice," the ass-beating threatener writes on her flier, "and have since the 60s while you were lynching people of color."

Of course, it's not like San Francisco was KKK-free before Tuesday — as you might recall, a Marina District Klansman was injured in an Anaheim brawl in March. In fact, the white supremacists has been active in SF as long ago as 1867, when members of the hate group reportedly drove Chinese contract workers from their jobs on the Potrero Street railway.

In the present day, Sanford says that so far, the only place the fliers have been reported is the Haight, so it appears that the KKK's current recruitment effort is so far less "active" in SF that Quigg suggests. Sanford also says that he'd love to get a look at one of the fliers for himself, and asks that anyone who receives one give Park Station a call at 415-553-0123.